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We actively supply a comprehensive line of MIL-SPEC  and commercial lubricants.


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QC BLU DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid



Tectyl products provide a combination of lubrication and corrosion protection in military equipment such as engines/gearboxes of Leopard tanks, Howitsers, machine and hand guns.
Many Tectyl products are approved to MIL and NATO specifications
Some of the Tectyl products we carry:

Tectyl HPS
Tectyl 121B
Tecyl 121BN
Tectyl 127 CG Grey
Tectyl 135
Tectyl 155FF
Tectyl 164
Tectyl 185GW Black
Tectyl 185GW Gray
Tectyl 275
Tectyl 282
Tectyl 283S-17HF
Tectyl 287
Tectyl 300G HF Black
Tectyl 351S
Tectyl 400C
Tectyl 435D
Tectyl 437D
Tectyl 502C Tectyl 506 G
Tectyl 506

Tectyl 511M CL I
Tectyl 517
Tectyl 518
Tectyl 603
Tectyl 802A
Tectyl 810
Tectyl 823EM
Tectyl 846
Tectyl 848DTF
Tectyl 859B

Tectyl 891D
Tectyl 894
Tectyl 900
Tectyl 910E2

Tectyl 915W40E
Tectyl 930E2

Tectyl 1422S Black
Tectyl 1431
Tectyl 2102
Tectyl 2423 Haps free black
Tectyl 3335
Tectyl 6430

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