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We actively supply a comprehensive line of MIL-SPEC  and commercial lubricants.


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QC BLU DEF Disel Exhaust Fluid



This specification covers one type and grade of water-displacing, preservative lubricating oil

Replacement for VV-L-800

Lubricating oil, general purpose, preservative (water-displacing, low temperature)



MIL-PRF-32033 is intended for lubrication and protecting against corrosion of certain small arms and automatic weapons and whenever a general purpose, water-displacing, low-temperature lubricating oil is required.
This oil becomes very viscous at low temperatures so that its use at temperatures below -40C is limited by a number of machine design factors and should be proved for any specific item application by test before adoption. The availability of this material in gas-pressurized containers will prove to be beneficial for use in areas difficult to preserve by existing procedures. This preservative oil should not be used to protect the fuel system and combustion chamber of engines which are preserved in accordance with standard procedures. This material contains a carboxylic acid which could react with certain metals present in the fuel system, forming soaps which could contribute to fuel filter plugging.


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