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QC BLU DEF Disel Exhaust Fluid




This hydraulic fluid is blended with highly refined mineral based oils and modern additive technology to provide protection against rust, wear, demulsibility, and to afford greatly improved viscosity - temperature characteristics as well as enhanced oxidation – corrosion resistance.

This specification covers a class of fluid for use in the hydraulic transmission of power.

MIL-DTL-17111C Intended Use
The fluid covered by this specification is a medium to be used in connection with hydraulic transmission power.

MIL-DTL-17111C Subject term listing
Subject terms listings are Hydraulic mineral oil, petroleum, and icresyl phosphate.

MIL-DTL-17111C Materials
The fluid shall consist of mineral oil products plus 1.0 ± 0.1 weight percent of tricresyl phosphate conforming to TT-T-656 and approved additive materials for improving the finished product with respect to the viscosity-temperature and lubricating characteristics, resistance to oxidation, and protection of metal parts against corrosion.

MIL-DTL-17111C Suitability
The fluid shall be suitable for use in hydraulic systems involving mechanical or fibrous type filters or centrifugal purification. It shall be noncorrosive to bearings and hydraulic systems and shall not cause clogging of oil screens or valves. The fluid shall remain homogeneous over the temperature range of -34 °C to 4 °C.

MIL-DTL-17111C Low temperature turbidity
A dry sample of the fluid shall be stored at a temperature of 37 °C for not less than 72 hours. After that time at the storage temperature, the fluid shall show no evidence of gelling, crystallization, or separation, and shall develop a turbidity not greater than that exhibited by a standard suspension of barium sulfate in water.

MIL-DTL-17111C Rust prevention
The transmission fluid shall prevent the formation of rust.

MIL-DTL-17111C Corrosion and oxidation stability
The finished fluid must encompass both resistance to oxidation and protection of metal parts against corrosion.

MIL-DTL-17111C Packaging
When packaging of materiel is to be performed by DoD or in-house contractor personnel, these personnel need to contact the responsible packaging activity to ascertain packaging requirements. Packaging requirements are maintained by the inventory control point’s packaging activities within the military service or defense agency or within the military service’s system command. Packaging data retrieval is available from the managing military department’s or defense agency’s automated packaging files, CD-ROM products, or by contacting the responsible packaging activity.

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