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Pro Lube II


So Sure MIL-PRF-81309

Formerly MIL-C-81309

So Sure 

Use MIL-PRF-81309 in mild environments or for short duration protection

For interior or protected use

Electric Grade

Soft Protective Film

Superceding MIL-C-81309

MIL-PRF-81309 supercedes MIL-C-81309

MIL-PRF-81309(superceding MIL-C-81309) General Description:
MIL-PRF-81309 is a highly effective water displacing, non-conductive, corrosion preventative compound.
MIL-PRF-81309 is available in two strengths:
MIL-PRF-81309 Type II is a concentrated solution suitable for avionic equipment and general purpose work.
MIL-PRF-81309 Type III is a lover viscosity solution designed for use with electronic components. It will not emulsify even in the presence of alkali. It will quickly displace water from metallic surfaces after machining operations or after alkali cleaning.

The protective film in So Sure MIL-PRF-81309 is ultra thin, non staining, and highly protective. It is available in aerosols, gallons, and 55 gallon drums

Where to Use MIL-PRF-81309 (MIL-C-81309):
MIL-PRF-81309 (formerly MIL-C-81309) can be used on any metal surface such as hinges, machinery, electronic components, and all types of metallic sliding parts to provide corrosion protection and lubrication.

The ease of application of MIL-PRF-81309 (MIL-C-81309) makes it particularly suited for in-service use.

The intended use for MIL-PRF-81309 (MIL-C-81309) is for indoor and short term outdoor protection. For outdoor applications it may be necessary to recoat surfaces as conditions require.

MIL-PRF-81309 (MIL-C-81309) is not intended to be used in place of compounds specified to provide protection for more than one month.

Do not use MIL-PRF-81309 around liquid oxygen fittings.

How to Use MIL-PRF-81309 (MIL-C-81309):
Wipe off excess dirt and moisture from surface to be protected prior to applying. Can be sprayed, brushed, or dipped. Application by swiping is not recommended. For best results, mix well prior to use and allow to dry one half hour before applying second coat.

Reapply MIL-PRF-81309 as necessary as solvent cleaning, or where coating has been damaged by abrasion.
MIL-PRF-81309 should be used with adequate ventilation. Avoid breathing spray.

When to Use MIL-PRF-81309 (MIL-C-81309):

Use MIL-PRF-81309 (MIL-C-81309) as a part of a regular maintenance program to prevent rust and corrosion.

Technical data for MIL-PRF-81309 (formerly MIL-C-81309)
So Sure