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Exxon HyJet™ IV-A plus

 Exxon HyJet™ IV-A plus

Exxon HyJet IV-A plus is a fire-resistant phosphate ester hydraulic fluid designed for use in commercial aircraft. It is the best-performing Type IV fluid and approaches to a great extent many of the performance capabilities of Type V fluids, including high temperature stability, long fluid life, low density, and rust protection.
It is superior to all other Type IV fluids in these respects.
Exxon HyJet IV-A plus meets the specifications of all major aircraft manufacturers and SAE AS1241

Exxon HyJet IV-A plus
Exxon HyJet IV-A plus fire-resistant aviation hydraulic fluid is used in commercial aircraft hydraulic systems where phosphate hydraulic fluids are recommended. It is compatible in all proportions with commercial Type IV and Type V phosphate ester aviation hydraulic fluids.
Exxon HyJet IV-A plus meets or exceeds the following industry and aircraft builder specifications. It is approved against all commercial aircraft manufacturer requirements and is included in their Qualified Products Lists.

HyJet IV-A plus Meets Type IV, Low density Is in Qualified Products List
SAE Aerospace Standard AS1241C X Not Applicable
Airbus NSA307110N X X
ATR NSA307110N X X
Boeing BMS 3-11P, Type IV, Class 1 and Type V, Grade B
and Grade C
Boeing (Douglas Division) DMS 2014H X X
British Aerospace (Avro) BAC.M.333C X X
Bombardier/Canadair BAMS 564-003A X X
Bombardier/DeHavilland X X
Cessna X X
Embraer X X
Fokker X X
Gulfstream Aerospace 1159SCH302J X X
Lockheed C-34-1224C X X
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Exxon HyJet IV-A plus