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We actively supply a comprehensive line of MIL-SPEC  and commercial lubricants.


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Dowfrost HD Equivalent

Distributed by our Sister Company at Chemical.net
custum color glycols

 Click here to go to chemical.net for QC-1 pricing and/or purchase

Chemical.net carries QC-1 in pails, drums, totes, and tankers.

Need it dyed? Yellow, pink, green, blue? 

QC-1 is a generic equivalent of Dowtherm SR-1, offering the same quality material at a much better price.

QC-1 is manufactured and sold by our sister company Chemical.net. Did you know that Chemical.net is one of the few companies in the country that offers heat transfer fluids in unlimited range of percentages, from 20% through 100%? They also offer custom packaging and drop shipping. Need it dyed? Yellow, pink, green, blue? They do it. Give them a call with any questions! (888) 243 6425 or (215) 332 4000.

We offer QC-35 and QC-1 in unlimited range of percentages, from 20% through 100%. We are unique in this way!!

QC-1 Freezing Point Adjustment

The following formula is a guide to the amount of solution to drain and the number of gallons of QC-1 to add to a system to change the freezing point.

QC-1 Industrial Coolant Required
 = System capacity X (desired % concentration - present % concentration)
100% - present percent concentration

For Instance: If the system capacity is 1,000 gallons and the resent concentration is 30%, and the desired concentration is 50%, then substituting these numbers into the above formula, we have:
QC-1 Industrial Coolant Required
=1,000 (50-30) =20,000 = 286 Gallons
      100 - 30              70

 We also offer  specially formulated glycol-based products that protect circulating systems of large stationary engines, line heaters, and other water-cooled equipment from destructive corrosion, cavitation, and water freeze-up.

This is also the amount of solution that must be removed from the system to accommodate the QC-1 concentration

As always, if you have any questions about the above, please feel free to call Chemical.net at 888- 243-6425

Click here to go to chemical.net for QC-1 pricing and/or purchase

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