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We actively supply a comprehensive line of MIL-SPEC  and commercial lubricants.


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 DIESEL Exhaust Fluid 

 ISO Certified GOLD DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid ensures that the requirements of the emissions legislations  for heavy duty diesel vehicles are met. GOLD DEF
 Diesel Exhaust Fluidís high manufacturing specification prevents impurities from entering the system, maintaining the SCR technology in your vehicle.

 Diesel Exhaust Fluid is manufactured and sold only at our sister company, Chemical.net. Click here, or click the Chemical.net logo icon anywhere in this section to be taken there for more information and purchase.



Just as you trust QC Lubricants for outstanding service you can trust our sister company, Chemical.net. During the past fifteen years of industry experience, Chemical.net has earned a reputation of honesty with reliability.

GOLD DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid is 32.5% solution of high-purity urea in demineralized water that is used with the Selective Catalytic Reduction system. This reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides from diesel exhaust systems. SCR is a leading technology that meets the 2010 EPA mandate to reduce levels of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emitted from diesel engines. SCR systems use diesel exhaust fluid and a catalytic converter to  reduce NOx emissions making them safer for the environment.

Diesel exhaust fluid is nontoxic. Diesel exhaust fluid is not hazardous and nonflammable. It is added to the urea tank on equipped diesel vehicles. Diesel exhaust fluid is injected into the exhaust stream to mix with exhaust gases. This forms nitrogen and water which is harmless to the environment.   

See the Product page here at our Chemical.net.