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Braycote 803 Micronic

Perfluoroether Grease

Braycote 803 Micronic

Braycote 803 Micronic Description:
Castrol Braycote 803 Micronic is a smooth, buttery, translucent-white, NLGI #2, grease, based on perfluoropolyether oil and thickened with a tetrafluoroethylene gelling agent. This product provides excellent lubricity, oxidative and thermal stability, low volatility, good shear stability, low acute toxicity and contain no sodium or other alkali metal containing ingredients. Castrol Fluoroclean™ X100 or Castrol Fluoroclean™ HE can be used to clean this product. Refer to the data sheets for information regarding these products.

Braycote 803 Micronic Applications
 Braycote 803 Micronic was developed for use in applications where long term exposure to high temperature or high vacuum is expected. This product is fully compatible for use in both direct and indirect contact with liquid and gaseous oxygen (LOX/ GOX). Braycote 803 Micronic
 is stable with exposure to strong acids and oxidizers. Perfluorinated greases, in general, exhibit excellent shelf lives due to their intrinsic inertness. Below -62ºC to above 260ºC (below -80ºF to above 499ºF). Lower temperature operation below -62ºC (-80ºF) is possible where adequate torque is available.

Braycote 803 Micronic Conditions of Use:
Braycote 803 Micronic  is compatible with most commonly used construction materials including metals, plastics and elastomers. This product may be adversely affected by Lewis Acids such as aluminum chloride, at elevated temperatures. Newly exposed rubbing surfaces of aluminum, magnesium or titanium alloys at elevated temperatures may react with Braycote 803 Micronic
 under certain conditions. Such systems should be thoroughly evaluated. Surfaces must be well cleaned of organic rust inhibitors prior to grease application to ensure proper lubrication.

Braycote 803

Additional Information
Packaging Braycote 803 Micronic
 is available in 2 oz (AVDP) disposable syringes, 1 lb plastic jars (NGLI Grade 2). A specially filtered “Micronic” version of NGLI Grade 2 is also available in 2 oz (AVDP) disposable plastic syringes and 1 pound jars. Braycote 803 Micronic
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