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 TECTYL 915W40E is an internal combustion engine oil and corrosion preventive for all new and rebuilt engines. The film is oily and translucent. As a preservative oil, TECTYL 915W40E protects engine parts during covered shipment and indoor storage.

TECTYL 915W40E is approved under Military Specification MIL-L-21260E, Grade 15W40, QPL Reference Number MP-404, and SAE Standard J2361, PRI QPL Number PRI EO 0043.

Laboratory Data

Typical Properties




Density, Weight/Gallon @ 77F (25C) 7.4 0.1 lbs./gallon 887 grams/L
Specific Gravity @ 60F (15.6C)   0.888
Recommended Dry Film Thickness over Metal Profile 0.4 mils 10 microns
Theoretical Coverage @ Recommended DFT 4,010 sq. ft./gallon 98.4 sq. meters/L

Typical Properties TECTYL 915W40E

    Typical Minimum Maximum
Flash, C.O.C.*, Finished Oil   222C 215C  
API Gravity   27.87 26.87 28.87
Viscosity @100 15.18 14.68 15.68
  @ 40 115.4 100.4 130.4
  @-20C CP 6,812 3,500 7,000
Viscosity Index    137 80  
Pumpability @-25C CP   33,900 30,000 60,000
Pour PointC   -36   -23
Stable PourC   -36   -23
Carbon (Ramsbottom)   1.37  1.22 1.52
Sulfated Ash   1.19 1.071 1.428
Sulfur (Finished Oil)   0.682 0.5456 0.8184
Sulfur (Additive)   0.43 0.387 0.516
Phosphorous   0.115 0.1035 0.138
Calcium   0.273 0.2457 0.3276
Barium   0 0 <0.01
Zinc   0.128 0.1152 0.1536
Sodium   0 0 <0.01
Nitrogen   0.094 0.0846  
Magnesium   0.016 0.0144 0.0192
Boron   0 0 <0.01
Copper   0 0 <0.01
Potassium   0 0 <0.01
Chlorine   0.011 0.01 <0.03
Silicon   0.0048 0 <0.01
*C.O.C. (Cleveland Open Cup)

TECTYL 915W40E Surface Preparation
 The maximum performance of TECTYL 915W40E can be achieved only when the metal surfaces to be protected are clean, dry, and free of rust, oil, and mill scale. It is recommended that the metal substrate temperature be 50 - 95F (10 - 35C) at the time of product application.

TECTYL 915W40E Application
 TECTYL 915W40E is formulated to be used as supplied. Ensure uniform consistency prior to use. Continued stirring is generally not required. If the product thickens due to cold storage or loss of solvent during use, contact Daubert Chemical Company. DO NOT THIN TECTYL 915W40E. Incorrect thinning will affect film build, dry time and product performance. t is recommended that the ambient and product temperature be 50 - 95 F (10 - 35C) at time of application. TECTYL 915W40E should be used as factory fill and break-in oil for all new and rebuilt engines. This is a completely operational oil for current production engines meeting the requirements of MIL-PRF-21260E and need not be changed until the first scheduled oil change specified by engine manufacturer. As a preservative coating, TECTYL 915W40E is used to protect engine parts during covered shipment and indoor storage. TECTYL 915W40E is compatible with lubricating oils qualified under MIL-PRF-21260E, MIL-PRF-2104, and MIL-L-46152E.

 TECTYL 915W40E can be removed with TECTYL HPS solvent borne thinner, vapor degreasing, hot alkaline wash, or low pressure steam. TECTYL 915W40E can be removed from fabrics by normal dry cleaning procedures. Avoid the use of chlorinated or highly aromatic solvents when removing from painted surfaces, as these solvents may adversely affect paint.

 Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for health and safety instructions.

 Note: The addition of any product over or under this coating is not recommended. The use of additional coatings could result in chemical incompatibility, thus adversely affecting the performance of this coating.

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