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Tectyl 823EM  

QC Lubricants carries Tectyl 823EM in pails and drums.  TECTYL

TECTYL 823EM is an internal combustion engine oil and corrosion preventive. The film is oily and translucent. TECTYL 823EM is approved under General Motor's Electromotive Division, Approval Number 130-OI-26.

Surface Preparation
The maximum performance of TECTYL 823EM can be achieved only when the metal surfaces to be protected are clean, dry, and free of rust, oil, and mill scale. Daubert Chemical Company recommends that the metal substrate temperature be 50 - 95F (10 - 35C) at the time of product application.


Ensure uniform consistency prior to use. Apply at 50 - 95F (10 - 35C). TECTYL 823EM is miscible and compatible with all conventional 10, 15, 30, and 40 weight internal combustion oils. The use of TECTYL 823EM to prepare used engines for storage may result in its dilution with contaminated engine oil. Treating multiple units with the same oil charge will result in a decrease in protection because of oil dilution. Reuse of TECTYL 823EM should be restricted to no more than 3 units. Complete draining of the crankcase and oil sumps is recommended before treating with TECTYL 823EM. TECTYL 823EM can be applied by spray, circulation, or dip.


TECTYL 823EM can be removed with TECTYL HPS solventborne thinner, vapor degreasing, or low pressure steam. TECTYL 823EM can be removed from fabrics by normal dry cleaning procedures. Avoid the use of chlorinated or highly aromatic solvents when removing from painted surfaces, as these solvents may adversely affect paint.

Refer to Daubertís Material Safety Data Sheet for health and safety information

The addition of any product over or under this coating is not recommended. The use of additional coatings could result in chemical incompatibility, thus adversely affecting the performance of this coating as stated in the lab data section. If a product other than Daubert Chemical Company's recommended product is required, written authorization must be obtained from Daubert Chemical Company, Inc.
Tectyl 823EM

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